Build Your Customer Base, Grow Your Sales, Improve Your Reputation

The world of sports training, post-match recovery, and injury repair is expanding as science improves and the intensity of sports increases.

The problem is that competition is also increasing, as more clinics open and the market becomes more saturated. Getting more customers becomes difficult. Existing clients are suddenly faced with more choices, often closer to home.

So how can you develop a unique service that will introduce more people to you and your business?

  • You want more people coming more regularly.
  • You want people to talk about you and your practice.
  • You want clients to walk out feeling better.
  • You want your customers to see improved performance
  • You want to reduce the injuries suffered by your athletes.
  • You want your reputation to bring people along and for them to be happy to pay you more.

All of the above are proven benefits resulting from the installation of a CET CryoSpa Ice Bath to a practice or clinic. Over 50 clinics across the UK & Ireland have already seen the benefits of offering the therapy with great results.

The CET CryoSpa Ice Bath delivers a consistent and reliable cold water recovery service to your business.

Manchester United, Wembley Stadium, Wimbledon and many more elite sports facilities have already given their seal of approval by choosing CET CryoSpas. They selected CET CryoSpa Ice Baths because they are the best on the market, and you can tell your clients that they are using the same Ice Bath as the best athletes in the world.

Practices that have brought in CET CryoSpa Ice Baths have been able to sell sessions to individuals and members of teams that have then brought more people as they have seen the impact on their ability to recover and play more. They have had more people become regular users as word of mouth spreads. They have used social media marketing to target their local area and introduce the service. They have seen people who come to use the Ice Bath then choosing them for the other services provided.

Introducing a CET CryoSpa Ice Bath to your business is simple.

It has a small footprint, is easy to use, is easy to sell and is paid for in a few months. We will also arrange a finance package to suit you.

Call or email to find out more, and give your business an Ice Bath boost.

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