Meet the newest cryotherapy product on the market

CET CryoSpa Mini – Therapy on the Move

US Tennis Player, Sloane Stephens using the CryoSpa Mini at Wimbledon, with Clive Brewer

We’re very excited about our brand new product, launched this month at Medica in Germany. The CryoSpa Mini is the newest cryotherapy product on the market. Using low-temperature salt water, we took all the benefits of our ice baths and applied them to the portable Mini Spa. Perfect for lower arm therapy.

With its compact design, the CryoSpa Mini was built specifically to treat, and to help prevent, pitcher’s elbow, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow as well as RSI in the lower arm and hand. A big challenge for racquet sports and throwing sports. Don’t be fooled by its size, it still packs a punch! Like our ice baths, it includes a built-in chiller with a digital temperature controller combined with massage jets. The Mini CryoSpa provides the most intense chilling and accelerated recovery for the lower arm. Ideal for throwing and racquet sports as well as athletes in a wheelchair.

 What are the main Benefits?

  • The CET CryoSpa Mini was launched this month at Medica in Germany.

    The CryoSpa Mini uses the benefits of cold salt water therapy by transferring the “colder than ice” feel straight to the affected areas to give you a faster recovery times post exercise and to help prevent soft tissue injuries such as tennis elbow & golfer’s elbow.

  • It is already used by top athletes and sports teams to treat or prevent muscle and joint soreness or strain.
  • It’s an affordable option in the long run for recovery without the expense of purchasing ice.
  • It’s a sanitary environment that does not require constant cleaning
  • It uses turbulence, temperature and salinity to maximize the therapeutic effect.

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