Surprising Benefits of Ice Baths

Although there are a lot of reasons for athletes to use ice-baths in their recovery, there may be some surprising extra benefits to a deep freeze after your workout.

They can make you look younger.

Immersing yourself in cold water causes your blood vessels to contract, that means that when you go from the cold to hot, your vessels dilate and blood goes rushing around your body. This improved circulation can improve how your skin looks and is even claimed to reduce cellulite.

It makes you happy

Not only does cold water immersion result in improved circulation keep you looking healthy on the outside it can also keep your mind active too. The intense cold causes an adrenalin rush and triggers the production of serotonin – the mood enhancing feel-good chemical.

It’s more than just recovery

Although we know that ice-baths are super effective in speeding up recovery in athletes, there is more to it than that. NASA studies found that repeated dips in chilled water over a 12-week period resulted in a series of changes known as ‘cold adaptation.’ This brought down blood pressure and cholesterol as well as toning muscle.

Cold Water Immersion Can Help Reduce Stress

Some studies have shown that cold water to the face may help relaxation by slowing the heart. Swimming in ice-cold water regularly can increase your tolerance to stress because your body adapts to the repeated exposure. If you can teach yourself to handle ten minutes in an ice bath you can handle anything!

Ice Baths are Better than Coffee

We’re not suggesting an ice-bath session during your 11 o’clock slump, but If you want help keeping alert, regular ice-bath sessions could be the answer. They will leave you feeling energized and hyper-focused as well as help you have a better night’s sleep.