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ContrastSpa Duo

Your optimum contrast bathing setup

Nowadays, most strength and conditioning coaches have a preference for either contrast therapy i.e. alternating hot and cold or for cold water immersion alone. Many high profile clubs including Manchester City FC and Fulham FC utilise contrast bathing and CET have supplied them the ContrastSpa Duo option.

The Australian Institute of Sport are also strong supporters of contrast bathing. They believe that you should spend 6-12 minutes doing contrast bathing of which 6-10 of those minutes should be in the cold as they contend that the main benefits come from the cold-water immersion. And it is important to finish in cold.

Contrast bathing works by promoting rapid alternation between vasodilation and vasoconstriction, which causes a 'pumping' action in the peripheral circulation by using temperature rather than manual methods. Heat stimulates circulation bringing in fresh blood, lymph, oxygen, water and nutrients while cold contains the inflammatory response and expels stagnant fluid and waste products.

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ContrastSpa DuoContrastSpa Duo for effective contrast therapy

ContrastSpa Duo Benefits

Benefits for Athletes

  • Shorter and more effective recovery post-exercise.
  • Reduces muscle swelling and muscle spasms.
  • Treats repetitive strain injuries.
  • Reduces soft tissue swelling and joint stiffness.
  • Reduces fatigue - lowers the risk of injury.
  • Effective in pain relief.
  • Promotes better circulation.

Benefits for Staff

  • Easy to maintain saving on labour and cost.
  • Effective filtration in each spa keeps the water clear.
  • Digitally controlled chiller keeps the water at the required temperature.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Short treatment times due to intense cold / heat.

ContrastSpa Duo Features

Features include

  • Temperature range 1C to 14C [34F to 55F] for the CryoSpa.
  • Temperature range up to 40C [104F] for the ThermoSpa.
  • Hydrostatic pressure and 20 Massage Jets per Spa.
  • Penetrating cold / heat for effective therapy and short treatment times.
  • High salt concentration in the CryoSpa aids infection control.


  • 100 sq ft filtration per spa keeps the water clear.
  • CryoSpa with high quality low temperature digitally controlled chiller.
  • Digitally controlled heater with display on the ThermoSpa.
  • Stainless steel safety rail and steps.
  • Two year guarantee on spa body.

ContrastSpa Duo Usage

You can vary the therapy according to your requirements

  • Simply chill / warm up in the water without the massage jets on for a less intense ice / hot bath experience.
  • Turn the 20 massage jets on for penetrating cold / heat and the optimum post-exercise recovery.
  • Adjust the air nozzles to minimize or maximize the massage effect.
  • Opening the air nozzles fully maximizes the power of the massage giving an optimum therapeutic effect ideal for post-exercise recovery.

Four Treatment Modalities

  • Sit on top for ankle therapy
  • Stand on step for submersion to mid-thigh
  • Stand in deep end for submersion to waist depth
  • Sit on step for full body submersion

Technical Specification


  • 230v / 1 / 50hz (EU)
  • 230v / 1 / 60hz (US)
    115v / 1 / 60hz (US)


  • CryoSpa:
    c. 1.55m x 0.8m x 1.2m [L x W x H]
    c. 61" x 32" x 48"
  • Steps: c. 0.55m wide (c. 22")


  • Empty: c. 200 kg / 440 lbs
  • Full: c. 750 kg / 1650 lbs


  • 20 Massage Jets
  • 1.5kw Jet Pump

Steps & Rails

  • Stainless Steel Safety Steps
  • Stainless Steel Safety Rails


  • Low noise low temperature chiller


  • Wall Mounting Brackets
Benefits of Contrast Bathing

Contrast bath

The CET ContrastSpa Duo setup includes one cold CryoSpa and one hot ThermoSpa with complementary steps located between the spas to facilitate easy access.

In regards to treatment, you decide the temperature of both spas. For cold water immersion in the CryoSpa, it is typical to set the temperature between 10°C and 15°C. With the ThermoSpa we have found that most people prefer to set the temperature between 33°C and 35°C.

And you determine how many times your athletes alternate between hot and cold. Most strength and conditioning coaches, physios etc. prefer to alternate each player 3-4 times between the two temperatures.

Like the CET CryoSpa, the CET ThermoSpa will hold up to 4 players and the placement of the 20 massage jets are patent protected. Each jet has been strategically placed so that it targets a specific muscle in the body and gives optimal benefits to each player.

Whether solely using our CryoSpa Ice Baths or our Cryo-Thermo ContrastSpa Duo Setup, early treatment is DESIRABLE to ensure that your athletes recover faster and repeatedly perform at a high level.

All players need to train hard and recover well, and using hydrotherapy is a key factor in this as it will lead to an Enhanced Performance which will lead to MORE wins in the long-term!

Contrast bath
Contrast bath
Contrast bath
Contrast bath