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CryoSpa Team Ice Bath

Maximise your performance with our Team Ice Bath

Process more players in less time and benefit from the same therapy used by top teams such as AC Milan, Manchester City FC, Fulham FC, Bisham Abbey, Glasgow Warriors, FC Bruges, Brooklyn Nets and many more.

The CryoSpa offers optimum ice bath therapy and has proven to be 'an integral part of recovery strategy' for many professional sports clubs, accelerating athlete recovery, minimising fatigue and lowering the risk of injury.

On this page, you see the older version of this ice bath. We are always striving to improve technology, and are pleased to announce a new Team CryoSpa model.

View the new Team CryoSpa ice bath.

Team CryoSpa at the English Institute of SportTeam CryoSpa at the English Institute of Sport

CET Team CryoSpa
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CET CryoSpa 3
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