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Elite Sport CryoSpa Testimonials

Club Brugge K.V., Belgian Pro League Football Team

"Optimizing the 'Performance & Recovery' of an athlete is key in sports, especially in soccer where players need to deliver a maximal performance up to 2 times a week. Therefore the CET Cryo Spa is a crucial part in the daily program of our players."
Siebe Hannosset, Head of Performance

"Thanks to my daily CET CryoSpa sessions, my legs are feeling a lot more fresh. I am really scoring on my recovery!"
Tom De Sutter, striker

Club Brugge logo

Team GB / London 2012

"Colin & all at CET,
Thank you for your support, effort & fantastic product - the CET Cryospa's were the right choice & a huge success, allowing us to provide the best possible support to Team GB in London. Thank you for going the extra mile & take pride that a piece of every medal is yours. Dave"
Dave Reddin, Director of Performance Services Team GB 2012

"Thanks Colin, I was impressed by the quality of the CryoSpas and how easy was to maintain and operate them."
Dr. Marco Cardinale, Team GB

"Great to deal with a true professional."
Comment from Dave Reddin, Team GB following our installation at London 2012

Team GB London 2012: Thank you
Team GB London 2012: Thank you message to CET

Queen Ethelburga College, York

"Thanks for everything - really impressed with the service and the kit. Just what we needed. I'm not sure if we will be needing any in our next project as we haven't finalised the details yet - but if we do, I will be in touch!

Attached is a photo of one of our changing rooms. They look hugely smart with the ice baths in."

Amy Martin

Queen Ethelburga College CryoSpa icebaths
Queen Ethelburga College: CryoSpa icebaths

Widnes Vikings (English Super League)

"The CET CryoSpa that we have installed at Widnes Vikings has been invaluable in helping the management of fatigue and recovery in our squad of players. Colin was able to provide us with a high quality product that was fitted into a difficult space - the solutions that he provided were much better than the concept that we had originally planned!

The product was installed very quickly. The daily maintenance is minimal and fits easily into our busy schedules. All the players use the spa at least twice a week, and feel that it really aids their recovery - when you consider the performance demands that are placed upon the squad, it can be seen why this is so important!

I would happily recommend Colin and the CET Cryospa to anyone who is working with performance athletes."

Clive Brewer, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Widnes Vikings, http://www.widnesvikings.co.uk

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Hull FC (English Super League)

"The CET Cryospa is not just an ice bath but a whole new therapy. It's brilliant, absolutely brilliant!" reports Paul Devlin, Strength & Conditioning Coach for Hull FC.

"I am really pleased to have one. The players love it."

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Fulham Football Club

The CET CryoSpa formed an integral part of the recovery strategy for Fulham Football Club (English Premier League Soccer Club) in their run up to the 2010 Europa League Final in Hamburg.

"When used in conjunction with our standard modalities we observed a positive effect on player recovery both physically and mentally."

Martin O'Connell, Physiotherapist and Mark Taylor, Head of Sports Medicine and Exercise Science, Fulham Football Club. May 2010

Since May, Fulham have acquired two additional CET CryoSpas: a second for the training facility and one for Craven Cottage [the stadium] confirming their view that the CET CryoSpa is the best on the market.

Fulham FC logo

Celtic Crusaders Rugby League Club

When Celtic Crusaders first came across the CET CryoSpa, both the medical team and the players immediately saw that it was a vast improvement on their ice baths and swiftly acquired a unit for their own training facility.

"The CET CryoSpa has become an integral part of our daily and match day recovery protocols at Crusaders.

Players are reporting reduced sensations of delayed onset muscle soreness and feelings of increased energy the next day.

In addition, I have found the spa to be extremely beneficial in the rehabilitation of the many injuries sustained in a collision sport like rugby league.

An essential in any professional sports medicine department."

Ben Stirling, MCSP, MAACP, MSMA; Physiotherapist for Celtic Crusaders and Wales Rugby League. June 2010

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