Military, Police & Firefighters

Manage heat stress, recover rapidly & enhance performance

Military, police and firefighting personnel willingly face some of the most significant challenges, putting their lives on the line for the safety of others and as a consequence have to prepare physically and mentally with intensive training regimes that are akin to those of professional athletes.

In addition, services personnel often have to wear body armour or protective equipment while operating in challenging environments which significantly adds to the risk of heat stress.

CoreTx devices enable personnel to perform better physically and mentally during their engagements while the CET CryoSpa facilitates faster recovery after the activities have ceased.

Scientists from Stanford University, working in conjunction with the US Military Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) researched palm cooling as a means of enhancing performance, both physical & mental. In peer reviewed published research it was reported that performance gains on a par with the use of steroids can be achieved through the use of palm cooling alone.

An improvement in work volume and strength gains of 25% to 40% when training with palm cooling compared to without palm cooling were reported.

Service personnel can build muscle and gain power faster using the all new CoreTx performance enhancement device.


1. Break through that plateau

CoreTx (Patent Pending) use can help your personnel break through plateaux and make gains only previously associated with the use of PEDs (performance enhancing drugs).


2. Increase performance gains

And those new to weight training can significantly increase performance gains in the early stages of training.


3. Deliver endurance benefits

Members focusing on endurance can also benefit. Contact CET for more information on palm cooling research and case studies.

In the early part of the 21st Century, the US Military commissioned Stanford University to research how heat stress could be best be controlled in the challenging environments that Military personnel often had to operate.

Lead researcher, Dr Craig Heller, a Stanford University Professor, pioneered the palm cooling concept whereby core temperature could be moderated without cooling major muscle groups. Thus enabling personnel to re-enter combat activities straight after the intervention.

When CET Managing Director, Colin Edgar, met with Dr Heller in 2018, he quickly identified weaknesses in the Stanford approach and set about developing a rapid recovery device that would promote recovery and overcome the shortcomings. The result was the CoreTx thermal exchange device.


How the CoreTx Works:

The CoreTx device is easy to use, non-invasive, safe and pain free.

  • As body temperature increase stress is placed on the organs which leads to fatigue, loss of power & endurance as well as impaired cognitive functioning.
  • Under aerobic exercise, or heat stress, blood flow is increased to the skin surfaces in the palms of the hands, soles of the feet and the face where specialised blood vessels (AVAs) are most concentrated. These AVA’s operate as the body’s radiators.
  • The CoreTx rapidly cools the palm of the hand by conduction & convection while maintaining blood flow to the hand thereby cooling the blood which moderates core temperature.

CET CryoSpa recovery modality is used by the US military as well as elite sports teams including AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Brooklyn Nets, Manchester United and the Toronto Blue Jays. is

Army, navy and air force personnel as well as firefighters and police forces across the globe also deserve the very best recovery facilities.

The key recovery modalities are good sleep, proper diet, hydration and cold water immersion, which in turn promotes good sleep. Link to Gregory Dupont research.


Combat sustained injuries and post-traumatic stress.*

In addition to recovery from training and injuries sustained during training, military personnel face the additional challenge of injury during combat which can result in long term physical and mental challenges.

Combating inflammation, alleviating pain, reducing the risk of infection and promoting the growth of healthy tissue can all be supported by low-temperature salt water therapy provided by CET CryoSpa ice baths. Patients recovering from post-knee surgery, for example, have seen recovery periods drop by as much as 60% compared to conventional treatments.

See our medical section for more information.


What injuries could benefit from cold therapy?

This is a typical but not full list of the types of conditions which respond well to low-temperature salt water CET CryoSpa therapy:

  • Recovery from surgery on the knee, ankle and elbow
  • Control of inflammation in tendon and ligament injuries
  • Pain management for acute and chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, lower back pain, sciatica, brittle bone disease, non-specific pain.

Additionally, cold water immersion can avoid the negative side effects often associated with pharmaceutical interventions.


How can cold water immersion help your soldiers?

By immersing the body into cold water, blood vessels will constrict and decreases metabolic activity, which helps reduces swelling and tissue breakdown. Once the body is removed from the cold, the underlying tissues warm up, causing a faster return of blood flow, which helps move the by-products of cellular breakdown to the lymph system for efficient recycling by the body.

CryoSpa ice baths benefit your patients’ recovery time, speed up any soft tissue injuries they have obtained, reduce fatigue and lower the risk of injury. As well it treats any muscle and joint soreness, strain and inflammation and promotes neural and cardiovascular system recovery.

Forces personnel are often limited when it comes to their sleeping habits, which means that when they do get the opportunity to sleep, they need to have a deep sleep. Sleep improves reaction times, reduces injury rates, and improves the mental state of a soldier. In recent years cold water immersion has been linked to the improvement of sleep when done in the evenings after a training session by helping the body and mind settle. Cold water immersion also reduces muscle soreness associated with intense exercise which can prevent soldiers from sleeping well.


Why choose a CET CryoSpa?

When your soldier is experiencing pain, it is imperative the cold therapy can maintain the optimum therapeutic temperature for the duration of the session to maximise the therapeutic effect. Typical ice baths or ice packs warm up because they extract heat from your patient’s body to reduce the temperature of their tissues. CryoSpa ice baths circulate water through a digitally temperature controlled chiller to continuously maintain the desired temperature. Your soldier will receive high-quality cold water therapy, thus obtaining the best possibilities of recovery.

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What benefits would a CryoSpa ice bath have for you & your military personnel?

  • Provide world class recovery on a par with professional sports facilities.

  • Deliver faster recovery after training, combating fatigue and lowering the risk of injury.

  • Accelerated recovery from injury including post-surgery especially soft tissue injuries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question not answered?

Why do footballers take ice baths?

It is quite commonly stated that ice baths reduce lactic acid but this is not the case. Lactic acid, or lactate, occurs when the body gets into an oxygen debt situation i.e. is functioning anaerobically. When the level of activity ceases, or reduces sufficiently, in simple terms the body can acquire surplus oxygen, which is used to convert the lactic acid back to its normal pyruvate / pyruvic acid state.

According to Gregory Dupont, who presented at the FIFA sponsored Sports Injury Summit held at Wembley in 2013 the main precursor of injury is fatigue. Further research investigated the common strategies for aiding recovery, minimising fatigue and, thereby, lowering the risk of injury.

The conclusion was good diet, good sleep, hydration [all lifestyle factors] plus cold water immersion were the main scientifically proven methods of aiding recovery and minimising fatigue.

The other side of the coin is performance and here we find that fatigue inhibits performance. So if we can manage fatigue by improving fitness and aiding recovery the outcome is improved performance and lowered risk of injury.

How does an ice bath work?

Cold water immersion, or ice baths, help reduce tissue swelling due to muscle breakdown and micro tears that occur during intense, or lengthy, physical activity and, also, help to control inflammation.

Some inflammation is a good thing but too much can lead to secondary damage or hypoxic injury.

The mechanisms include aiding normalization of body temperature, flushing out muscles due to constriction of blood vessels & compression through hydrostatic pressure, a decrease in metabolic activity, balancing of the sympathetic & parasympathetic systems and a reduction in muscle damage.

This infographic explains it well – courtesy of Yann LE MEUR, INSEP – @YLMSportScience

How can I benefit from CryoSpa ice bath use?

Cold water immersion or ice baths, help reduce tissue swelling due to muscle breakdown and micro tears that occur during intense or lengthy physical activity and, also, help to control inflammation.

Some inflammation is a good thing but too much can result in secondary damage or hypoxic injury.

The mechanisms include aiding normalisation of body temperature, flushing out muscles through the combination of hydrostatic pressure and cold induced blood vessel constriction, a decrease in metabolic activity, balancing of the sympathetic & parasympathethic systems and a reduction in muscle damage.

* Medical use may be limited in some countries. Please ask for details.