Whether you have a sports, medical, facilities or management background, we’ll help you to find the right ice bath solution. Depending on your requirements for treating individuals or teams, we can advise an ideal setup.

Please choose from the following options:

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Elite Sports & Colleges

Drive player performance, improve recovery times, combat fatigue and lower the risk of injury while increasing player availability with state of the art CryoSpa ice bath technology.

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Physios & Clinics

Differentiate your clinic, improve patient outcomes and attract new clients while generating a significant new revenue stream when you add CryoSpa ice bath therapy to your practice.

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Health & Wellbeing

Enjoy the effects associated with cold water swimming with state of the art CryoSpa therapy. Boost immunity, improve sleep patterns and help develop a positive mental outlook.

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Health Clubs & Gyms

Monetise recovery beyond sports drinks and supplements while attracting new clients with CET CryoSpa ice bath products.

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Promote faster post-surgery and injury recovery by controlling inflammation and managing pain without drugs or side effects using CryoSpa cold therapy.

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Military & Police

Military personnel train like Olympic athletes and when things go wrong, they deserve the best possible recovery facilities – and CryoSpa therapy can help with both.