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CryoSpa Ice Bath Therapy

CryoSpa Ice Baths enable you to recover faster, reduce fatigue, improve performance and minimise the risk of injury.

The CET CryoSpa is a cost effective way to offer ice bath recovery without constant cleaning or the inconvenience and expense of ice. Saves time and money delivering a short payback period.


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More energy. Improved performance.
Less fatigue. Fewer injuries.

What impact would a CryoSpa ice bath have for your team?

  • More wins.
  • More points.
  • More Revenue.

Looking for a product where your players could enjoy the same training and recovery strategies as AC Milan, Manchester City FC, Team GB-London 2012, German Olympic Sports Confederation and much more?

Choose a CryoSpa ice bath, which is more effective, more convenient and less costly to run than conventional ice baths.

Benefits of the ColdSpa

Nelson Weidemann in CryoSpa ice bath, Bayern Muenchen BasketballNelson Weidemann,
Bayern Muenchen Basketball

Ice bath hydrotherapy reduces fatigue and consequently reduces injury. FIFA Football Injury Summit, Wembley 2013.

Cold Water Immersion has been proven to aid fatigue recovery1 post match in order to boost physical performance, to aid symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and help prevent sports injuries2.

If ice baths are beneficial, imagine an ice bath to aid your players in their training and recovery, which was more effective, more convenient and less costly to run than a standard ice bath. And helped your players

  • recover faster post-match
  • feel better during the next training session
  • perform better at the next match

René Enders, German track cyclistRené Enders, German track cyclist, OSP Thuringia, Erfurt
Rebecca Tunney, British artistic gymnastRebecca Tunney, British gymnast, Olympics London 2012
Lisette Thoene, German bobsledderLisette Thoene, German bobsledder, OSP Thuringia, Erfurt
Lee Mossop & Sam Burgess, England Rugby League TeamLee Mossop & Sam Burgess, England Rugby League Team