Today, sport demands sophisticated approaches and techniques to enable athletes to compete successfully. Ice bath therapy, sometimes referred to as cold water immersion or CWI, is proven to optimise health, increase energy, and aid recovery by reducing inflammation and promoting healing within muscles and joints.

These essential benefits are making ice bath recovery a necessary part of professional sports medicine departments around the world.

To enable maximum recovery, pro training and coaching strategies must be backed up by the best facilities. By choosing CET CryoSpa products, you are providing your athletes with the same ice bath therapy facilities employed by AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Brooklyn Nets, Manchester United, Toronto Blue Jays, TeamGB, Wimbledon and many more.

Not only is CET CryoSpa the ice bath supplier of choice for world-class athletes and teams, but CET products offer a more convenient and cost-effective solution. CryoSpa are quickly becoming invaluable to the professional teams and performance athletes who use them as an integral part of their recovery protocols.

CET services clients across the globe including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Clients in these, and many more countries, have taken the plunge and embraced the scientifically proven benefits of ice bath therapy.

Learn how you can harness the power of ice baths with CET CryoSpas and help take your athletes to a new level. Contact us today!


CET CryoSpa ice baths used by elite athletes globally.

Our Products

Explore CET CryoSpa’s state-of-the-art ice bath product range.

CryoSpa Sport

CryoSpa Sport Ice Bath

The premier ice bath solution, delivering optimum recovery.

Team CryoSpa Sport

Team CryoSpa Ice Bath

Maximise your team's performance with the premier Ice Bath solution.

ContrastSpa Duo

ContrastSpa for contrast therapy

The ideal solution for alternating hot and cold water immersion.



The perfect ice bath solution for one person to chill.

ColdSpa Inflatable

CET ColdSpa Inflatable ice bath

The mobile ice bath solution for single athletes and team.

CryoSpa Mini

CryoSpa Mini Ice Bath

Helping to prevent tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, pitcher's elbow etc.

How can a CryoSpa Ice Bath help you?

Learn why you should take the plunge with CET CryoSpa ice baths.

Soft tissue injury

Faster resolution of soft tissue injuries.

Reducing fatigue

Reduces fatigue, while lowering the risk of injury.

Muscle and joint strain

Treats muscle tears & joint strain, while controlling inflammation.

Cardio vascular system recovery

Promotes recovery of both neural and cardio vascular systems.

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