CASE STUDY 1: Mixed Martial Arts [MMA]
Multiple trauma to both legs and direct trauma to left knee
MMA fighter Colin Murphy
By Gary Hazley MSST BannCryoSpa & Rehab Clinic

Patient presented approx 12 hours post fight.
Multiple trauma to both legs with limited ROM in hip, knee & ankle joints.
Direct trauma to left knee with major effusion over and around joint.


Twice daily CryoSpa.
Compression bandaging and elevation.

Colin Murphy legs trauma 12 hours post MMA fight
Before CryoSpa Treatment
Colin Murphy legs after treatment with CryoSpa ice bath - day 3
After CryoSpa Treatment


Marked improvement after each session.
Able to introduce ROM exercises after day one.
Resolution of inflammatory process and ROM almost normal in 3 to 4 days.

MMA fighters competing in the ring
Colin Murphy - MMA fighter recovering in CryoSpa ice bath

CASE STUDY 2: Football
Quadriceps Contusion (dead leg / charley horse)
Irish International Footballer Sean Marty Lockhart
Treatment by Dr Chris Bleakley at the Rehabilitation Research Centre, University of Ulster, Jordanstown

In the summer of 2008, Derry County and Irish International Footballer, Sean Marty Lockhart sustained an extremely severe “dead leg” (Grade 3 quadriceps contusion).

The prognosis was poor, perhaps 5 or 6 weeks out of action during which period Derry had crucial games looming. Consequently, he discussed with the County Physio, Dr Chris Bleakley, about the possibility of traveling to Whites Hotel in Wicklow for treatment in their Cryo Chamber.

Dr. Bleakley suggested he should first try the CET Cryo Spa at the Rehabilitation Research Centre, the University of Ulster, Jordanstown.

The injury was so severe that walking up and down steps was a real challenge and Dr. Bleakley was unsure how much treatment would be required. Also, as the temperature of the water was 1 C, he decided to alternate immersion i.e. one minute in, then one minute out and so on. On the fourth minute in, the muscle fired and Sean was able to do Range of Movement exercises.

That week Sean had two further sessions and as a result was able to re-commence training the following week.

Sean Marty Lockhart, Irish International Footballer (with ball)
Sean Marty Lockhart, Irish International Footballer (with ball)