Health Clubs & Gyms

Monetise Recovery, Enhance Performance & Attract New Clients

You can set your facility apart, enhance members performance, improve customer retention and attract new clients while increasing revenue by incorporating the CryoSpa ice baths into your offering.

Many Health Clubs & Gyms are generating significant additional revenue by providing their clients on a pay-per-use basis with the same state-of-the-art CryoSpa ice bath recovery as AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Toronto Blue Jays and Brooklyn Nets etc.

Sporting Public

The popularity of ice bath recovery (also known as cold water immersion) is rapidly extending beyond pro athletes and is quickly being adopted by fun runners and the general sporting public.

Through growing public enthusiasm, CET’s state-of-the-art CryoSpa cold water immersion modalities not only offer a competitive advantage for gyms and health clubs but generate a lucrative new revenue stream.

Health Benefits of Cold Water Immersion

Many people are turning to open water swimming, ice baths and other types of cold water immersion for the physical & mental uplift resulting from this invigorating practice, which to some extent has been popularised by followers of Wim Hof, commonly known as the Iceman.


Benefit from decades of CET experience in hydrotherapy

CET has nearly 20 years experience in the low-temperature hydrotherapy sector in the USA, Europe and further afield and can offer a full back package including marketing advice and support.

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What benefits would a CryoSpa ice bath have for your health club or gym?

  • Attract new sporting & non-sporting clients while generating an additional stream of revenue on a pay per use basis.

  • Differentiate your facility from the competition while offering state of the art recovery to your clients.

  • Take advantage of the growing trend to embrace cold water therapy for mental & physical health benefits. *

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Monetize Recovery

therapy users

More than 10,000 members of the public used CryoSpa therapy on a pay per use basis in the last year

uk outlets

60+ independent therapy clinics generate well in excess of £1m annually in the UK & Ireland

generate income

Generate income in excess of £40,000 / €45,000 / $50,000 annually per CryoSpa

Frequently Asked Questions

Question not answered?

Why do footballers take ice baths?

It is quite commonly stated that ice baths reduce lactic acid but this is not the case. Lactic acid, or lactate, occurs when the body gets into an oxygen debt situation i.e. is functioning anaerobically. When the level of activity ceases, or reduces sufficiently, in simple terms the body can acquire surplus oxygen, which is used to convert the lactic acid back to its normal pyruvate / pyruvic acid state.

According to Gregory Dupont, who presented at the FIFA sponsored Sports Injury Summit held at Wembley in 2013 the main precursor of injury is fatigue. Further research investigated the common strategies for aiding recovery, minimising fatigue and, thereby, lowering the risk of injury.

The conclusion was good diet, good sleep, hydration [all lifestyle factors] plus cold water immersion were the main scientifically proven methods of aiding recovery and minimising fatigue.

The other side of the coin is performance and here we find that fatigue inhibits performance. So if we can manage fatigue by improving fitness and aiding recovery the outcome is improved performance and lowered risk of injury.

What is the optimum temperature for ice bath recovery?

Ice bath therapy is a factor of time and temperature. The higher the temperature the longer is the required duration.

In the past most researchers used a time of 10, 15 or even 20 minutes at typically 10C to 15C [50F to 59F]. The problem with the longer sessions is that the temperature is not maintained unless you constantly add more ice. And the colder water floats at the top unless you constantly stir the water. In practice, most people sit still as the body warms the water around the skin making it more tolerable.

However, this strategy can be counter-productive as the generally recognised therapeutic tissue temperature of 12C to 15C cannot be readily achieved in traditional ice baths.

Modern ice baths do not use ice but have a digitally controlled chiller maintaining the temperature at a pre-set level throughout the therapy session. This enables both lower temperatures and shorter sessions to achieve an improved therapeutic effect.

Also, when the ice bath has jets, like the CryoSpa, there is chilling by both conduction and convection (wind chill) leading to a much more penetrating cold and ensuring the tissue is chilled to the therapeutic level.

Many elite football clubs, rugby clubs and Olympic training facilities are now using temperatures in the 6C to 10C (42F to 50F) range with some even as low as 4C (39F). When combined with the windchill effect the therapy sessions are most often in the 3 to 6 minute range.

How can I generate revenue from a CryoSpa?

CET have many clients charging sporting & non-sporting members of the public for CryoSpa therapy on a pay-per-use basis.

These clients are typically sports therapy & physical therapy clinics, health clubs, gyms, recovery & wellness facilities and hotels.

A single CET CryoSpa unit can generate over £40,000 / $50,000 / €45,000 per annum while improving athlete outcomes and growing your existing business.

* Medical use may be limited in some countries. Please ask for details.